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Sympossio: The Peloponese Taste

Last night we were invited to the opening of the 2018 Culinary series of events in Europe and the Middle East, from Aldemar Hotels.

Three amazing Chef, that will be creating for Aldemar Hotels & St. George Lycabettus dishes full of Peloponese taste - using the local products, prepared for us delicacies that we still feel in our mouths. 

Sympossio, a unique exporting vehicle from Greece to the World, took place at St. George Lycabettus hotel. It welcomed art and culture experts, bloggers, photographers, tourism specialists and many more. The Aldemar & Sympossio team will travel to 37 cities to promote Greece, Tourism & local products. 

Symposio is an incredible gesture from Greece to everyone living abroad offering a different view on healthy living in this beautiful sunny country ...


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