@omikron restaurant for a guest night

Omikron restaurant hold a beautiful night tonight, preparing for us a co-joined dinner with guest chef Spiros Afthinos. The executive chef of Omikron, Miltos Armenis co-hosted a unique menu based on Corfian cusine. It was full of surprises! Amuse bouche, Collu Pimpiri Orzo, Savoro with Raisins, Croaker on Leeks, Sorbet Ginger beer, Sofrito Beef and old school mocha ice cream were some of the devouring dishes. A night with friends, taste connoisseurs and lots of laughter with the sounds of live piano ... Omikron Restaurant

Proestilo: 100% Greek Silk

Today we had the chance to visit a showroom on the 7th floor of Stadiou, Proestilo. Proestilo 100% long silk scarves are a premium Greek product. Addressed to both women and men, who seek the relation , among culture, elegance and fine quality. The uniqueness of these scarves are the non-standardized outcome of the Artist’s personal pictorial identity. Their packaging represents with the most official way, the total deluxe quality of he product. ​ The designer, an avid economist and contemporary evolutionist, focuses ok color, joy, easiness and quality strength promoting an optimistic feeling on his whole work. Scarves that are are so soft and become even softer with continuous use ... a mus

Sunday buffet @Byzantino Hilton

This Sunday we desired a buffet lunch and we found the best place to have it in Athens, at the Byzantino restaurant, inside HIlton hotel. So many different choices, from salads, delicious vegetables, well cooked meat and fresh fish were just right in front of us. Multiple side dishes like rise, and oven potatoes garnished our main course. Not to forget the amazing dessert variety like the lemon pie, the yoghurt with homemade cherry and the nuts that made us eat like there is no tomorrow ... After lunch coffee we had “next door”, still inside the hotel, at Aethrion cafe. The staff was super friendly and kind, ready to assist us at any time. Thank you Hilton, Sunday’s are yours from now on ...

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